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Baseboard Heater Covers


Replace those old, bland baseboard radiator covers with these sleek wooden custom baseboard heater covers. These baseboard heater covers can be retrofitted to replace old metal baseboard radiator covers by removing the front cover and utilizing the existing backplate. They also work great in new installs. Made for easy DIY installation. Featuring solid wood poplar and MDF panel construction. Other species of wood available upon request. The faces are easily detachable for service and cleaning and then easily reattached utilizing the strong rare earth magnets and metal strip system. Covers can be left unfinished (prepped and sanded to 180 grit) to be primed and painted by the customer to help save on the cost to you and so you can also paint with your specific paint color. Runs longer than 48″ are divided into equal sections. Pictures shown are from various projects to give you a good idea of what your project will look like since the framed panel detail will vary due to the length of each section.

***Designed for hydronic hot water heating systems with finned tubing and not for cast iron radiators***

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***Designed for hydronic hot water heating systems***

Installation Instructions

Measurement Guide

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The baseboard heater cover pictures give you an idea of what your cover will look like and the spacing on the framed panels may differ depending on your dimensions. I will guide you through the measurement process if needed and can provide you a rendering so you can approve before placing any order.

Measuring Guidelines:

***All custom orders MUST have a measurement guide filled out for each run/room. Please refer to the above link to view and download a copy. This will make sure your cover will fit properly over your baseboard radiator. Please remove an existing cover and end caps (if applicable) for measurements. All covers are designed to install with covers and end caps removed. The existing backplate (if applicable) can stay in place.**

***can guide you in measurement to make sure proper clearance is allowed for installation***

Length: Measure from the longest points from left to right. This will provide clearance for end caps to clear any piping on either side. Also, note if there is clearance for end caps on both sides or whether a side butts up against a wall/corner.

Depth: These are designed to utilize the existing backplate and you just discard the cover and end caps but please measure from the wall to the furthest part whether a bleeder valve or the actual heating element finned-tube.

Height: Please measure from the floor to the highest point. If an existing backplate, measure from the floor to the top of the backplate against the wall. Otherwise, the floor to the highest point will suffice.


For an unfinished baseboard cover, the price is $45/ln ft. I will putty all joints/nail holes and prep/sand it so it is ready for primer and paint. This allows you to save on costs and paint the covers to match your decor. I can prime the covers for an additional $5/ ln ft. Please specify options when requesting customization.


Shipping is provided by UPS ground. For larger orders, other shipping arrangements can be made. Please Contact Us for any shipping questions. Shipping Nationwide and to Canada. Please Contact Us for shipping quotes/information to Canada. Alaska may require additional shipping charges.


These custom baseboard heater covers are designed for hot water heating systems. Hydronic systems are designed to have more control of the temperature throughout the system. Although they can be used with an electric baseboard, The Dozer Company claims no liability due to the nature of electric heating. If you decide to use these on an electric baseboard, please contact the manufacturer of the heater for engineering/technical guidance. The vents must be properly aligned to allow proper airflow across the heater elements and since each manufacturer has different specifications it is far too hard to control those variables. I would not recommend using with electric baseboard due to the concerns of safety.