The Dozer Company | Baseboard Covers | Home Goods
Specializing in custom baseboard heater covers, home goods, and statement pieces that are unique, simple, smart, and durable. The Dozer Company utilizes reclaimed and new materials based on the project demands and looks outside the box in repurposing items into newly crafted pieces. The Dozer Company also takes once forgotten items that were left for the bulldozer and regenerates life into newly crafted pieces.

The Small Batch Craftsman | Unique Home Goods & Accessories
I love the concept of small batches in almost everything. I also wanted a way to showcase my talents in the small crafts I make too. It is nice to make several pieces at a consistent quality but making small batches of handcrafted items presents a great avenue to express my artistic side. The Small Batch Craftsman is part of The Dozer Company family and is about the customer and everyone that demands a unique item. Small Batch Craftsman is about sharing my love of creating items from woodworking and metalsmithing. Each piece has my heart and soul in it, and my creative side is free to run wild. My mission with Small Batch is to provide modern, quality, and unique products that customers crave. Shop these small-batch creations @ The Small Batch Craftsman Etsy Store and follow us on Instagram @smallbatchcraftsman
Erik | Craftsman | Designer | Owner
I am originally from Chicago and moved to Austin, TX to live in a tiny house on wheels. With a strong interest in reclaimed and repurposing materials, I strive to create unique pieces that portray a modern and unique feel. Coming from a background in sales has given me the insight to know what customers really want in the process of purchasing items. I take pride in letting the customer be involved as much as they want in the creating and designing process. I want the whole process to be seamless for the client and also want to be assured that the customer is receiving an end product that they deserve and will enjoy. Working with the mind and your hands gives you an extreme sense of pride and it is the greatest reward when that finished product brings happiness to others.